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Bio-based Succinic acid (SA) CAS NO.110-15-6

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  • Bio-based Succinic acid (SA)

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  • ProName: Bio-based Succinic acid (SA)
  • CasNo: 110-15-6
  • Molecular Formula: C4H6O4
  • Appearance: Pls see the Details
  • Application: Steroids, Cosmetics Ingredients, APIs,...
  • DeliveryTime: prompt delivery
  • PackAge: 1-5KG/Tin or Bag,25KG/Drum, 200KG/Drum
  • Port: China main port
  • ProductionCapacity: 1-100 Metric Ton/Month
  • Purity: 90-99.99%
  • Storage: Keep away of light, hot, water, Store ...
  • Transportation: sea/air/courier
  • LimitNum: 500 Kilogram


shandong landian biological technologies corporation limited was founded in 2012, with registered capital 220 million yuan. the company is located in shandong province, shouguang, yangkou high-tech industrial park. the company has three phases of "the construction non-grain materials 500000 tons / year of succinic acid and bio based products pbs industrialization project", equip with succinic acid fermentation system, separation and extraction system, esterification and hydrogenation of butylene glycol system, pbs polymerization system and power plant, sewage treatment plant, office, living area, covers the area of 1500 mu. the main products are 1,4-succinate, butanediol, polybutylene succinate (pbs) etc. this project total finds is 5.58 billion yuan and the project total investment 5.02 billion yuan. the project will realize annual sales income of 10 billion yuan(including tax), total profit and tax 3 billion yuan, providing 1000 jobs, with significant economic and social benefit.

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Chemical name:Succinic acid; Amber acid
English name:Succinic acid; Amber acid

Molecular formula: C4H6O4   

Molecular weight: 118.09

Appearance: Colorless crystal

Relative density :1.572(25/4℃)

Melting point: 185-188℃

Decomposition temperature:235℃

1,4-Succinic acid :≥99.7

Moisture ,w/%: ≤0.40

Melting point range/℃:185~188

Iron, w/%:≤0.001

R(ML∕g): ≤0.40

Ignition residue, w/%:≤0.010

Material  Renewable Plant Resource

Solubility:soluble in water,slightly soluble in ethanol,ethyl ether,acetone,glycerin.
The main purpose:
1)succinic acid is biodegradable plastic poly butyl diacid butyl glycol ester (PBS)of the main raw material.
2)Used for flavoring in food industry,citric acid,buffer,etc.succinic acid sodium salt can improve soy sauce,bean paste,liquid.
Flavor and quality of refined products are used in pickles,ham,fish processing products such as flavor modifying agent.
3)in the pharmaceutical industry,the curative effect of sodium succinate has healed coma,succinic acid ammonium salt as a sedative,an antidote.
4)In agriculture,succinic acid is a plant growth hormone,can regulate olant growth,regulating nutrient,increase drought resistance,disease resistance.
The ability of antifreeze. Can also be used as a herbicide additives.
5)succinic acid and synthesis of photographic chemicals intermediates.
6)Succinic acid derivatives is a kind of good surfactants,detergent,soap and a component of demulsifier.
7)All landowners succinic acid can produce depilatory cream,toothpaste,detergent.
8)Today succinic acid is also used to dye,lubricants,additives,elastomer.

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